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Windrush campaigners bring a political edge to fashion week

The official London Fashion Week schedule had a fresh addition on Sunday night, as campaigners for and members of the Windrush generation modelled in a catwalk show.

For the event, titled Next Generation Regeneration: Fashion and Revolution, they modelled plain black T-shirts emblazoned with the words ‘Compensation not Detention’ while one sang an acoustic version of Bob Marley’s Rastaman Chant. A second group was led by the rapper Drillminister, who also performed one of his tracks.

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The youth and the future is what is at stake right now’: DrillMinister on the politics of pollution

Drill music and climate change aren’t the most obvious pairing, but now one artist has made it his mission to rap about toxic air.

DrillMinister gained popularity last year when he quoted the violent language used by MPs in his track ‘Political Drillin’, highlighting the hypocrisy of politicians who say drill music drives crime.

His latest political message in the track ‘Choke’ has been released in conjunction with a new online service that rates air quality at any London address. A warning, this piece contains strong language.

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The drill rappers fighting censorship with music, blood, and the ‘Banksy of Russia’

Drill artists Skengdo and Drillminister have been at the forefront of a censorship row that’s been brewing in the UK since Skengdo and his music partner AM were handed an injunction last year, prohibiting them from performing lyrics which called out rival gang members. Now the artists have teamed up with the Russian artist Andrei Molodkin to spread their message further.

On Friday, against a backdrop of blood pumping through lyrics from banned or censored works, Drillminister, Skengdo, and AM premiered a new video for “The Media” at a charity event hosted by London’s Saatchi Gallery. The event raised money for Brixton Wings, an organization helping young people from disadvantaged backgrounds forge careers in music. The artwork by Molodkin, who also directed the video, takes blood donated by volunteers and pumps it through 3D sculptures of censored lyrics, before projecting the dispersed bodily fluid on a wall behind.

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ITV Good Morning Britain: ‘Stop this!’ Viewers distracted by guest’s ‘ridiculous’ outfit

ITV GOOD MORNING BRITAIN viewers were distracted from an important discussion today due to one of the guest’s choice of outfit, and they couldn’t help but comment on it. Today on the ITV show, Susanna Reid and Adil Ray held a discussion which saw a rapper state how there was hypocrisy when it came to acceptable language between white MPs and young black men. The rapper, Drillminister, was on Good Morning Britain to discuss his new track Political Drillin which takes quotes from MPs to highlight the violent nature of the language some politicians use. It comes after the Metropolitan police linked the drill music scene in the UK to gang violence in real life, resulting in multiple videos being taken down from YouTube. But Drillminister’s attire was what caught a lot of viewers attentions. The musician sported a camouflage balaclava along with a pair of sunglasses and a big winter coat. Subsequently, it led to fans questioning his outfit choice, with one tweeting: “#gmb why the balaclava?”   To read more of this artical click here.

Drillminister addresses Drill music criticism with quotes from UK MP’s on “Political Drillin”

Drillminister’s “Political Drillin” arrives after Met police linked the UK drill music to real life threats and gang violence, resulting in 30 videos being removed from YouTube. “Political Drillin” hits back at Drill music criticism by utilising comments from multiple Members of Parliament in a compelling drill-style track. Channel 4 commissioned the track, providing the drill MC with relatively gruesome quotes used by MP’s. The description on Channel 4’s YouTube says, “It’s been blamed by politicians and police for inciting violence – the soundtrack to a surge in knife crime. MPs have accused Drill artists of “glorifying violence”. But are Parliamentarians in any position to lecture them – after a week of distasteful, anonymous briefings about metaphorically knifing Theresa May? We asked one drill artist to record those words in his own style – to see how they come across in a very different context.”   To go to the artical click here.

Rapper proves MPs know the drill on violent talk

The violent lyrics of drill rap music usually refer to gun-toting gangsters and knife-wielding drug dealers, but one rapper has turned to an even more bloodthirsty group for inspiration: Britain’s cut-throat politicians. The use of violent imagery to attack political rivals over Brexit and other issues has been criticised this week. Anonymous Conservative MPs said in recent weeks that Theresa May should “bring her own noose” to a showdown with Tory MPs and that she was entering “the killing zone” of her premiership. Such language has inspired a rapper called Drillminister to produce a song entitled Political Drilling, made by stitching together metaphors used by politicians in recent years. The song was commissioned by Channel 4 to highlight the violent language used by politicians and… To read more of this artical click here.

Rap song featuring quotes from MPs highlights ‘toxic’ language of politics

Violent threats, racial slurs and misogynist insults form the core of a new “drill” music track released this week, but they are all quotes from serving politicians and public figures. The song, called Political Drilling, was produced to highlight similarities between the language used by rival gangs on London’s streets and rival politicians in Parliament. “I will not rest until she’s chopped up in bags in my freezer” and “I won’t knife you in the back, I’ll knife you in the front”, quotes attributed to former chancellor George Osborne and Labour MP Jess Phillips respectively, are among the most vivid lines. Ms Phillips later said she had not meant to use the metaphor as a threat and took back her words. Rapper Drillminister, believed to be an established musician operating under a pseudonym, produced the track for Channel 4 News and director Boya Dee shared the video on Wednesday. Strong language features throughout.     To read more of this artical click here.

A drill MC highlights hypocrisy against genre by using violent quotes from MPs in new track ‘Political Drilling’

Drillminister was given the quotes by Channel 4 and asked to turn them into a drill song

A drill MC has used violent quotes from MPs to create a new track, called ‘Political Drilling’.

Drill music has been widely criticised for its violent lyrics and cited as a cause of the rise in violence in London.

Earlier this year, YouTube deleted over 30 videos deemed to glamourise violence on the recommendation of Metropolitan Police commissioner Cressida Dick. In June, west London group 1011 were issued with a court order banning them from making music without permission from the police.

Now, Channel 4 have commissioned a rapper operating under the name Drillminister to incorporate violent language used by current and former MPs into a drill track to highlight the hypocrisy shown against the genre’s artists. In a caption posted alongside a video report, the channel wrote: “MPs have accused drill artists of ‘glorifying violence’. But are Parliamentarians in any position lecture them – after a week of distasteful, anonymous briefings about metaphorically knifing Theresa May?”

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