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Drillminister addresses Drill music criticism with quotes from UK MP’s on “Political Drillin”

Drillminister’s “Political Drillin” arrives after Met police linked the UK drill music to real life threats and gang violence, resulting in 30 videos being removed from YouTube. “Political Drillin” hits back at Drill music criticism by utilising comments from multiple Members of Parliament in a compelling drill-style track. Channel 4 commissioned the track, providing the drill MC with relatively gruesome quotes used by MP’s. The description on Channel 4’s YouTube says, “It’s been blamed by politicians and police for inciting violence – the soundtrack to a surge in knife crime. MPs have accused Drill artists of “glorifying violence”. But are Parliamentarians in any position to lecture them – after a week of distasteful, anonymous briefings about metaphorically knifing Theresa May? We asked one drill artist to record those words in his own style – to see how they come across in a very different context.”   To go to the artical click here.

Rap song featuring quotes from MPs highlights ‘toxic’ language of politics

Violent threats, racial slurs and misogynist insults form the core of a new “drill” music track released this week, but they are all quotes from serving politicians and public figures. The song, called Political Drilling, was produced to highlight similarities between the language used by rival gangs on London’s streets and rival politicians in Parliament. “I will not rest until she’s chopped up in bags in my freezer” and “I won’t knife you in the back, I’ll knife you in the front”, quotes attributed to former chancellor George Osborne and Labour MP Jess Phillips respectively, are among the most vivid lines. Ms Phillips later said she had not meant to use the metaphor as a threat and took back her words. Rapper Drillminister, believed to be an established musician operating under a pseudonym, produced the track for Channel 4 News and director Boya Dee shared the video on Wednesday. Strong language features throughout.     To read more of this artical click here.