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ITV Good Morning Britain: ‘Stop this!’ Viewers distracted by guest’s ‘ridiculous’ outfit

ITV GOOD MORNING BRITAIN viewers were distracted from an important discussion today due to one of the guest’s choice of outfit, and they couldn’t help but comment on it. Today on the ITV show, Susanna Reid and Adil Ray held a discussion which saw a rapper state how there was hypocrisy when it came to acceptable language between white MPs and young black men. The rapper, Drillminister, was on Good Morning Britain to discuss his new track Political Drillin which takes quotes from MPs to highlight the violent nature of the language some politicians use. It comes after the Metropolitan police linked the drill music scene in the UK to gang violence in real life, resulting in multiple videos being taken down from YouTube. But Drillminister’s attire was what caught a lot of viewers attentions. The musician sported a camouflage balaclava along with a pair of sunglasses and a big winter coat. Subsequently, it led to fans questioning his outfit choice, with one tweeting: “#gmb why the balaclava?”   To read more of this artical click here.

Rapper proves MPs know the drill on violent talk

The violent lyrics of drill rap music usually refer to gun-toting gangsters and knife-wielding drug dealers, but one rapper has turned to an even more bloodthirsty group for inspiration: Britain’s cut-throat politicians. The use of violent imagery to attack political rivals over Brexit and other issues has been criticised this week. Anonymous Conservative MPs said in recent weeks that Theresa May should “bring her own noose” to a showdown with Tory MPs and that she was entering “the killing zone” of her premiership. Such language has inspired a rapper called Drillminister to produce a song entitled Political Drilling, made by stitching together metaphors used by politicians in recent years. The song was commissioned by Channel 4 to highlight the violent language used by politicians and… To read more of this artical click here.